Su Eld-Weaver is one of the mums from a recent HypnoBirthing class that I ran.  She had some unresolved issues around her previous births, and came to me for a private session using The Sedona Method.

As you can hear in the video clip below, she got everything she wanted from the session, and some more besides.


Sedona Method audio testimonial – divorce / IBS

by admin on January 21st, 2010

Nick from Wellingborough first came to me in December 2009.  In the throes of getting divorced, he was suffering from IBS, anxiety and panic attacks and real anger towards his wife, and had time off work with stress.

All in all, Nick was, as you’ll hear in in the testimonial, in a very dark place.

After only a few sessions the IBS was gone, as were the panic attacks, and he was feeling very calm, laughing and joking, and in a very positive frame of mind about the situation.

Selected quotes from the audio testimonial

“People at work must wonder what the hell has happened because I’ve gone from this really dark place to being myself again…” [click to read more…]


Nervous breakdown to disbelieving smiles

January 20, 2010

One of my clients, who’d been resisting traditional treatment, came to see me at my clinic.  I recognised the haunted look of a man about to have a nervous breakdown. I briefly explained the Sedona Method to him, and said I’d used it myself, and would he like to give it a go? Well, one [...]

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Weight management

January 20, 2010

I started my first session with Jenny on the 28th October 2008. Before this date, i was a classic “Binge Eater”. I ate when i was hungry, i ate when i wasn’t hungry. I ate when i was having a bad day and ate when i was having a good day. Any excuse to eat, [...]

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