What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I’m delighted to tell you we’ve got the wonderful David Ellzey joining us in November to run a three day course in London entitled “The Sedona Method/What’s Love Got To Do With It?”. From the United Nations to global seminars, David brings great experience. Whether you’re brand new to The Sedona Method, know a little and want to know more, or have been releasing for a number of years, this workshop is for you.

Particularly with people who’ve only recently discovered The Sedona Method, I often hear that they’re “just not getting it”, or that they “want to go deeper” than just reading the book, or listening to the CDs. Perhaps you’ve had some success with it, but feel like you’ve got a bit stuck? Or maybe you simply want to immerse yourself in the method for a few days, with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

If you’ve been releasing for a few years, you’ll know the benefits of spending time sharing and releasing with others, under the special guidance of an experienced facilitator. As Hale Dwoskin says, the power of releasing in a group is not, for example, a hundred times more powerful if there are a hundred people, but a hundred times a hundred. There is a powerful energy that’s unleashed when you gather together with others to work on your freedom.

The course David is offering is a blend of the essentials of The Sedona Method, for those who are still relatively new and as a reminder to the more experienced, with lots of advanced and deeper work that everyone can learn and benefit from.

It’s called “The Sedona Method/What’s Love Got To Do With It?” because relationships are the very essence of life. They underpin so much of our existence, and how we love ourselves impacts all of our relationships.

On this course, you’ll learn how to dissolve your non-love feelings toward yourself and the world – How to let go of anger, pride, apathy, shame and more – all those feelings that stop you from loving yourself, and those around you. All of this results in healthy, strong and vital relationships with yourself, loved ones, friends, work associates, food, money and all of life itself.

The course is being held at The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th November, 10am – 6pm. It costs just £325, but if you book before 29th October you can secure your place on this transformational course for just £295.

To book your place, please go to http://whatslove2010.eventbrite.com. If you have any problems booking, please call me on 0845 652 2271 and I’ll be happy to help you.

I would ask you to ask yourself this – could you love yourself more? If the answer is yes, book today – it will change your life.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM DAVID: “I look forward to spending three life-changing days with you uncovering your own deepest source of love and peace. I very much hope to see you there.”

We look forward to having you join us.

Jenny Mullan and David Ellzey