How The Sedona Method helped me

I don’t know about you, but I’d always been proud of how much I could achieve, and how I could keep going when others fell by the wayside.

Pressure and situations that would have turned ‘lesser mortals’ into quivering wrecks might get me a bit stressed but I’d battle through and get it done anyway.

Any time I felt down, I’d squash it, or fight it, give myself a damn good talking to, and just get on with it.

Sound familiar?

Outward success

I’ve been pretty successful in my life, rising rapidly through the ranks in teaching, then becoming a successful therapist, opening my own clinic, becoming an international speaker and trainer, having two wonderful kids, lovely big house…yeah, I thought I had it all worked out.

Then, out of nowhere, in the summer of 2008, it felt like my life was falling apart…

Hitting a brick wall

Suddenly, situations that I’d previously have dealt with without thinking became almost insurmountable obstacles.  And I’m not just talking about big things either…

Driving on the motorway scared me.

Getting in lifts, or any other kind of enclosed space had me wanting to tear at the walls to get out, and I started to hate being in crowds.  I used to love flying but I became terrified of getting on a plane in case I needed to get off.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and pounding in my chest.  Instead of looking forward to going to sleep I would dread it.

Oh, I was hiding it well.  The world didn’t know.  But I was beginning not to cope.

Then one day it finally became too much, and my body said “I don’t want to do this any more”.

No way out

What was happening to me?

I went from being an outwardly confident, assertive, successful businesswoman to a quivering, nervous shadow of my former self, plunged into the depths of despair, and I couldn’t see any way out.

My body had finally given up on me.  Looking back on it, I think it’d been happening for a long time – I just didn’t want to listen.

Other approaches failed

Of course, being a therapist myself, I tried all sorts of different therapies to try and make myself feel better – homeopathy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds, and although some of it offered temporary and partial relief, nothing seemed to be touching the core of how desperate I was feeling.

Finally, when I could no longer go to work, I went to see the doctor, who offered me anti-depressants.

Not liking the thought of chemical anti-depressants, I said I would take a very low dose of St Johns Wort.  I went to bed…hid underneath the covers…and I sobbed and howled.

Discovering The Sedona Method

About 18 months before this happened, a friend lent me a book and CD set about The Sedona Method.  Like many other things, at that time, I didn’t get round to reading it and it was returned unused.

But now, I went round to see him in a state of utter desperation, and asked to borrow it again.  What happened next, my then husband, who’d lived this hell with me, can only describe as incredible.

As soon as I began to apply the techniques I had sudden and dramatic results.  I woke up, after reading the first three or four chapters of the book and applying them, feeling calm for the first time in months, and happy.

Steady progress

The next week and a half were to show steady improvement.  That’s not to say that further issues didn’t keep coming up, but I was able to welcome and release them.


Then, one day whilst we were on holiday, I woke up and old feelings of panic and issues surrounding a past situation had come to the forefront of my consciousness.  I said to Gordon that I was having such a bad day I could hardly move again, and I asked him to take the children for an hour while I released.

I dived into the core of the emotions with a sense of really wanting to reach the deepest depths of them.  Ten minutes later I sat up from lying on the bed, feeling like my lungs had been cleared and I was breathing properly for the first time, and thought “My God!  I feel better – it’s gone!“.

When I walked back to Gordon with a huge smile on my face, an air of lightness, and cheerfully asked if we all wanted to go swimming, he looked at me with a look of complete and utter disbelief.  He was totally lost for words (and that’s not like him!).

At that moment, I looked at him and said “I know, it’s incredible.  I’ve been using therapy with people for years, and have very quick results, but nothing like this – this is in a different league.  I *have* to do this! And excuse me if I’m sounding a little over the top, but the world *needs* this.”

Success with clients too

The following week, one of my clients, who’d been resisting traditional treatment, came to see me at my clinic.  I recognised the haunted look of a man about to have a nervous breakdown.

I briefly explained the Sedona Method to him, and said I’d used it myself, and would he like to give it a go?

Well, one hour later, his eyes were sparkling, his face looked relaxed, and I said “You look like a completely different person!”

He looked at me with complete disbelief and said “I *feel* like one!”

Since then, his life has been transformed, as has the lives of many of my other clients that I’ve used the Sedona Method with.

From despair to delight and detachment

I’d said to Gordon “What have I done to deserve this?  My life has become a living hell – I’m living in constant fear.”

The Sedona Method has “done what it says on the tin”, and gently but powerfully changed my life, and continues to do so.

I’ve gone from fear, to feeling courageous.  How can I fear the world, when I now know I can dive into what were feelings of panic and find stillness and calm at the bottom?

How I can help you

If this story resonates with you, or you recognise any of yourself in how I felt, then I ask you – give me a call today and let me help you find the peace and calm that I’m discovering and enjoying more every day.

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