What Is The Sedona Method?

I’ve been a therapist for many years, and during that time I’ve learnt many powerful techniques to help clients let go of their suffering.

For me, The Sedona Method has to be one of the most simple, easy to learn, and easy to use techniques of letting go of unwanted feelings and emotions in the moment.

In fact, it’s so simple to learn a child could use it – and my 7 year old son regularly does.

Is this you?

How many of us go through life fearing our emotions?

How many of us will work very hard to push them down…resist them?

How may of us cover them up with alcohol…




watching TV…

by becoming a workaholic…

…all in a desperate attempt not to feel what we’re feeling?

We fear that if we truly allow ourselves to feel our emotions, they’ll take us over…that we’ll drown in them, and suffer greatly by allowing them to be there.

But what if this wasn’t true…?

What if this was a lie?

The Sedona Method, with its very simple tools, invites you to learn how to let these feelings go…something we all do quite naturally, although usually not very often.  It’s something we all did very easily as a child…

Do what comes naturally

Have you ever watched an infant when you tell then they can’t do something, or can’t have something they want?

They might cry, get very cross and even throw themselves down on the floor.

Then, have you watched how – just moments later – their mind goes to somewhere else and they let those feelings that have appeared so powerful and strong go. Moments later they can be back to laughing, and to feelings of joy, as if nothing was ever wrong.

They don’t hold onto the feelings or push them down, only for them to come back stronger the next time.  They just let them go.

Well, you too were born like that.  Over time, you have got out of this way of being.

But The Sedona Method can help reconnect you to your natural state – which is letting feelings and emotions go.

Try this exercise for me now

Find a pen, or something similar that you don’t mind dropping or letting go.

Imagine that the pen represents all your unwanted feelings and emotions.

Now open your hand and imagine that the palm of your hand is your gut or consciousness.  Place the pen in the palm of your hand and curl your fingers around it as tightly as you can.

How does that feel?  Probably very uncomfortable.

But notice how you quickly get used to it.  It begins to feel familiar.  This is what happens with your feelings and emotions.

Also notice how little space there is for anything else to flow into your life…

Now open your hand.

Roll the pen around in your hand.

Is the pen attached to your hand?  No.  The pen is as attached to your hand as your feelings are to you.

Turn your hand upside down and let the pen go.

Yes…it is that easy to let your feelings go.  Let’s look at how.

(The following explanation and process will give you a small taste of what The Sedona Method can do for you. Remember, this is just a sample. For you to get maximum benefit and sustained results, I highly recommend that you contact me for personal coaching).

Step 1

Allow yourself to focus on something in your life that you’d like to feel better about.

Then allow yourself to feel the feeling that is here in this moment.  Allow yourself to welcome it.

Don’t worry if it’s not a strong feeling.  Just welcome what’s here now.

This may feel like a strange thing to do, to welcome a feeling that you don’t want.  It certainly isn’t something that we’re used to doing.

I know with my coaching clients, when I first ask them to do this they look at me as if I’m insane.  Why on earth would they want to welcome an undesirable feeling, particularly ones such as grief, panic or anger?

What I explain to them, as I’m explaining to you now, is that welcoming the feeling is the first step to letting the feeling dissolve.

Trying to push a feeing away just keeps the feeling within you.  You’ve probably heard it said that “What we resist persists”.

Step 2

Welcome the feeling, as well as any sensations, sounds, pictures and images attached to the feeling.

Don’t worry if you think you can’t feel anything, or if you feel numb, flat, blank, cut off or empty inside.  Just welcome that as the next feeling.

Also, don’t worry if you experience resistance to welcoming unwanted feelings and emotions.  Just allow yourself to welcome the resistance first.

Step 3

Ask yourself “Could I let this feeling go?”

Know that this is merely asking a question, and “yes” and “no” are both acceptable answers.  In fact, you will often let go even when you say “no”.

Know that at this point you’re merely asking if it is possible to let the feeling go.

Step 4

Ask yourself the question “Would I?”

In other words, am I willing to let this feeling go?

If the answer is “no”, ask yourself  “Would I rather have this feeling or would I rather be free?”

Step 5

For step 5, ask yourself “When?”

This is simply an invitation to let go of the feeling now.

By now the feeling may have gone, or it may feel a little weaker…less gripping.

If it’s gone, great!  If it’s lessened but there’s still some feeling left, repeat the process again and notice how the feeling begins to dissolve a little more each time you repeat this simple process.

Please perserve.  You’ve spent a long time holding on to that feeling, so you may need a little time to let it go.

What next?

If you haven’t already, take the time to read how The Sedona Method helped bring me back from the brink of a nervous breakdown, and how I can help you use The Sedona Method to feel better and achieve more.

Then, when you’re ready, contact me and take your first steps towards feeling better FAST