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by admin on January 20th, 2010

I started my first session with Jenny on the 28th October 2008. Before this date, i was a classic “Binge Eater”. I ate when i was hungry, i ate when i wasn’t hungry. I ate when i was having a bad day and ate when i was having a good day. Any excuse to eat, i would.

Two years ago i lost 5 stone in weight, i have put on just over a stone back on,so i went to see Jenny for some much needed help so the 5 stone didn’t all creep back on!

I cannot tell you how much Jenny’s help has changed my life.

I now only eat when hungry. I no longer turn to food when may day isn’t going to plan. I have moderation and portion control for the first time in years.

If i am feeling tempted to reach for that treat i really don’t need, i simply practise the techniques that Jenny taught me and the feeling of wanting more just goes.

I am still having a treat a day, once i’ve had it, that’s it for the day and i really enjoy it and savour it as it really is now a treat.

This technique has made such a difference to my life and eating habits, and i would recommend it to anyone.
Mandy Downer, Wellingborough - 19/12/2008

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